Imutest home allergy testing kits are the only clinically validated IgE allergy tests, suitable for use in your own home. Test yourself in just 6 easy steps for allergies against egg, milk, cat, dust mites, and grass pollen.

With highly accurate results available in 30 minutes, you can discover what allergens you are sensitive to and start taking the most appropriate action towards allergy free living.

We offer a range of allergy treatments to help relieve the symptoms of the most common allergies.

Bio-Life allergy treatments have been specifically designed to neutralise allergen particles in the home. Using carefully selected ingredients that are safe for even the most sensitive users, these handy home cleansers help to reduce pet, pollen, dust mite and mould particles that cause issues for allergic individuals.

Do you often find yourself feeling bloated and tired after eating? If so you could be suffering from a food intolerance.

If you experience digestive issues on a regular basis, finding the cause of the problem can be a lengthy process of trial and error. Our quick and easy to use testing kits can help to identify and manage an intolerance to gluten in your food.