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Imutest Gluten Check Kit


Gluten Check Kit


Gluten-Check by Imutest is a simple at home test for the initial diagnosis of gluten intolerance as well as therapy follow up.

  • Gluten is a natural protein that can be found in wheat, barley, rye and oat based food products. 

    If you regularly suffer from severe stomach pains, cramps, bloating, skin rashes and itching you might have an intolerance to gluten found in your food.These symptoms will usually come on a few hours after eating.

    Having a food intolerance is different to having a food allergy. Coeliac Disease (CD) is a life-long autoimmune disease which is a reaction caused by the immune system when it wrongly associsates the proteins found in certain foods as a threat.

    An intolerance to foods such as gluten does not involve the immune system. It can bring on similar symptoms to a food allergy but is not usually as severe.

    For more information, take a look at our blog examining the difference between Coeliac Disease and gluten intolerance.

  • Gluten-Check is a simple and painless, blood sample test that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. It detects the presence of IgA tissue transglutaminase antibodies (tTG).

    If your test results are positive, we recommend confirming your gluten intolerance diagnosis with your doctor in order to discuss and plan an appropriate low gluten diet plan.

    After 6 months of following a gluten-free diet, you should start to see a considerable reduction in your symptoms and the levels of tTG-IgA antibodies in your should be almost undetectable.

    Download our handy Gluten-Check Test Kit brochure for the step by step guide to testing for a gluten intolerance.

  • The Gluten-Check Test Kit from Imutest can help sensitive individuals to test for gluten intolerance prior to seeking further medical advice. 

    These highly accurate tests can help to confirm or discount if you have an intolerance to gluten so that you can adapt your diet accordingly.

    Benefits of the Imutest Gluten-Check Kit:

    - Rapid results available in 10 minutes
    - Highly accurate
    - Detects the clinically validated IgA antibodies to human tissue transglutaminase